FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
How can I list my property on booking247.com?
Do I have to pay any charges to list my accommodation on booking247.com?
How to connect my property to booking247.com system using a channel manager?
How to stop/open sale booking247.com extranet?
How to add or remove a discount for one room type or more?
How to edit availability for a room type?
How to set taxes using Tax Master?
How to set/edit room refund cancellation policy?
How to know if my profile is incomplete?
How to use ‘’wizard’’ to check if something is missing in the profile?
How can I get my extranet username and password?
What should I do if I forgot my password?
How to set property description?
How to set property policies?
How to set property facilities?
How to set your property's photos?
How to select your base currency?
How to set your card payment options?
How to create a room type and set its photos and facilities?
How to add rates using booking247.com's extranet?
Is there any agreement or contract I have to sign with booking247.com?
How to activate or deactivate one room type?

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